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Manakeep 728x90
Application Information!
If you are interested in applying to Yggdrasil then please read the following information:

You must have ONE level 60 of the following classes we are currently seeking in our recruitment banner at the time of your application for it to even be considered.

What we're looking for:

- Members who pride themselves on being skilled players.

- Players who are looking to work cohesively in a group environment with others. This means players who can respect one another and get along to make us stronger as a whole. This also means we want members who understand that as guild members we must strive to help each other out.

- Players who are able to communicate clearly with fellow guild members for the best experience possible. We have a Team Speak 3 server, you must be willing to get on it if you are to be accepted.

- Players who have a sense of humor. If you are offended by racial slurs and everything else you can think of that isn't PC, this is not the place for you. We joke around, but we don't go too far and it's all in good fun.

- Keep in mind that while this is essentially a recruitment section for end game events in TERA, we are not going to have any specific time to run things as of yet or even require you to play a certain amount of time. We have people from all walks of life and that varies our schedules, but we normally are all on by around 7-8 EST if that gives you a good reference of when things will happen. Mainly just looking for people who are interested and willing to join in when we can set up runs. Don't feel as if you won't fit in just because you can't play every day.

- We are mainly interested in raiding and BG's when they arrive at the moment. We will look into GvG's once we have a more plentiful member base. However, if you're looking for a guild that eats, sleeps and breathes PvP then we aren't the group for you. We do appreciate and enjoy it, but we also know that it isn't everything.

If you think you meet these requirements and are interested in joining, feel free to come to our application section on the forums and drop us an application. Just make sure you read the stickies before you do.