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New Instance : Hellfire Pit

The new instance Hellfire Pit gives rewards based on the points gained in the dungeon. The difficulty of this instance can be manually decided by the party.

Also, a ranking system for instance dungeons has been added. This system ranks players on each server based on their performance in dungeons. High ranking players will be given special rewards.

A new monster type, Cyclops, is introduced in this dungeon.

How to enter

You can enter Hellfire Pit via the new NPC in Velika, Vine Leoport. Alternately, you can also use the instance matching system for this dungeon.

The quest given by Vine Leoport 'A New Challenge - Hellfire Pit' has a reward of 300 gold which can be completed by clearing the new dungeon.

Hellfire Pit - details

Summary of events: Entry into dungeon > activate Trial of Hellfire > North/South/East/West & Central room defense > Move to main hall > Difficulty selection > Boss fight

When you enter the dungeon, you will see an activation device for Trial of Hellfire. Activating Trial of hellfire will start a 30 minute timer for the dungeon, and it will also seal the 4 doors leading to the 4 surrounding rooms 10 seconds after activation. Thus, 4 party members should be positioned properly before activating Trial of Hellfire.

Each of the 5 rooms has a specific type of monster(s) and should be handled by the proper classes.

North Room:

The northern room has normal type monsters, and it can be cleared by any class.

East Room:

The eastern room has minion type monsters, and it can be cleared by any class.

South Room:

The southern room has one BAM, and it can be cleared by a class suited for solo BAMs.

West Room:

The western room has minion type monsters that inflict DOTs, and a healer class is recommended for this room.

Center Room:

When each room is cleared, the mob type of the cleared room will reappear in the center room, except they will be stronger. The party member of the cleared room will need to go to the center room and help at this point.

When the Trial of Hellfire starts, a new device called Flame Control Device will appear in the center room. This device needs to be protected from the monsters that appear in the center room.

After successfully protecting the Flame Control Device and killing the BAM in the center room, an NPC will appear that will grant access to the next area. Talk with the NPC to ride a pegasus to the next area.

Hellfire Pit Main Hall

When you arrive at the main hall, you will see 3 Hearthstones that determine the difficulty of the first BAM.

When you destroy one of the Hearthstones, the first BAM will appear in the middle of the room.

Higher difficulty will grant more points.

Murderer's Hearthstone : Easy
Executioner's Hearthstone: Normal
Challenger's Hearthstone: Hard

BAM Fights

There are 4 BAMs that must be defeated, one by one. After killing each BAM the difficulty can be selected again.

First BAM: Vemeroth

Vemeroth's gigantic body will make it feel as if all attacks are AOE attacks. Vemeroth uses breath (clear/no color) and AOE attacks, and often uses his tail to attack behind him.

Second BAM: Narkan

Narkan uses his wings to perform aerial assaults as well as charging attacks. Narkan's aerial assault is the attack to watch out for in this fight.

Third BAM: Neglion

Neglion uses various AOE attacks, charging attacks, and spinning attacks. Carefully evading these attacks and attacking at the right time will be crucial for this fight.

Fourth BAM: Cyclops

This new BAM has two main attacks: Rock Throw and Laser Beam.

Rock Throw has a stun effect in an area surrounding where it lands. The one-eyed Laser Beam is a troublesome attack for ranged classes.

Rock Throw can be quickly accompanied by AOE attacks and Laser Beam so it should be avoided.


After each BAM fight, a minigame will begin.

Giant gold coins will begin falling from the sky. Players can move to the spots where the coins are falling to acquire bonus points.

The coins fall at high speeds so you have to move quick to acquire bonus points. When you kill each BAM, a movement speed buff is granted that will help with this minigame.


Hellfire Pit grants rewards in similar fashion to Sirjuka Gallery.

Points are affected by dungeon clear time and difficulties selected. Even if you fail to clear the dungeon or earn low amount of points, basic rewards are given.

Higher rank will grant a special reward.

Easy difficulty BAM:

Hard difficulty BAM:

Basic reward with 0 points:

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