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First Boss:

Nothing too special on this boss. The attack patterns are easy to learn and it does not have any 1 hit kill moves. One notable attack is a poison trap attack that leaves a puddle of poison on the ground. When the mob HP is above 40%, the poison floor attack is usually targeted at a ranged DD or the healer. Below 40%, it will spam it on everyone. This boss should be tanked at the 4 o'clock position of the room. When you are targeted for the poison floor move, you should move as far away as possible, wait for the poison floor to land, then come back and join the fight. If the tank is targeted by the move, just reposition slightly to move out of the poison floor and continue tanking. Also, the poison floor move is almost always followed by a laser attack.

Second Boss:

Now it starts to get tricky. It's not too difficult but the one-shot moves must be avoided.

One-shot move (we'll just call it Death Missile for now): The mob will fly straight up, flap its wings about 6 times, then come down like a missile on one target. If hit, it will most likely one-shot everyone except the tank depending on DEF and buffs. Even if you survive, you will be hit with a -80% endurance debuff, so it is best to avoid it at all costs.

There are 3 patterns of Death Missile.

  1. Random party member is targeted with a red circle. That person is targeted by the Death Missile.
  2. Random party member is targeted with a red circle. Another random person is targeted by the Death Missile.
  3. No fucks are given. Death Missile is targeted at a random person.

The red circle here works just like Kaprima's targeted attack where the red circle tracks you for a few seconds then stops right before the actual attack goes off. You can avoid this red circle in the same manner by escaping the circle right when it stops moving. If hit by this move, you will be hit with a 8 second debuff that disables all skills.

There are three ways to avoid the actual Death Missile attack. For classes that have an invisible frame dodge such as Death From Above, or Evasive Rolll, you can use the evasive skill at the right time to avoid the attack. You can also use dash/jaunt to move behind the mob at the right time to avoid the attack. Finally, you can also avoid the attack just by going very far out of range. Keep in mind that Death Missile will reach about 30m from his flight point, and the length of the room is only about 45-50m. This means that the tank must tank it at one side of the room if you plan to be using the GTFO method to avoid Death Missile.

How do you know who is being targeted by Death Missile? Well, look! The only way to tell the target of Death Missile is by looking upwards at the boss to see who HE is looking at. If he's looking at you... better run! Oh, and the tank can also be targeted by Death Missile.

Third Boss:

This fight is the real 'Mental Breakdown' of Argon Corpus HM.

The boss is a stationary boss that does not move, unlike anything you have fought before in Tera. Excluding the one-shot move, his attacks also do not hurt that much for leather/plate classes. However, you should still avoid the attacks that leaves a bleeding effect.

When you first enter the room, the lancer should go to the other side of the entrance and begin tanking so the DDs can attack from behind. From 100% to 80%, it's just tank and spank.

Once the 80% mark is reached, observer mobs will spawn. These troll mobs will spawn a suicide bomber if it catches anyone within 8m. If the suicide bomber is allowed to spawn, it will one shot anyone that is hit by it. The key to winning this fight is NOT allowing any suicide bombers to spawn.

Melee DD will need to hug the boss at all times to avoid being within 8m of an observer. Backstab and evasive roll INTO the boss should be used to evade attacks.

DPS should stop at 81%, and everyone needs to run inside and hug the boss. The boss should then be pushed below 80% to force the observers to spawn. Now, take notice of the observers and the healer/ranged DDs need to run back out while avoiding the observers.

With the entrance of the boss room being 6 o'clock, the 3 observers are spawned at 11, 1, and 2 o'clock positions. Observer 11 moves slowers than observers 1 and 2.

Ranged DD and the healer will now be traveling between the observers as they move in a clockwise motion while keeping a safe distance. But the fun is just starting. When observers 1 and 2 eventualy catch up to observer 11, thereby sandwiching the healer/ranged DD, you will need to cut across through the boss to avoid suicide bomber pops. If you have been doing proper DPS, the boss should be reaching 30% HP on healer's/ranged DD's 2nd cut-across.

When the boss's HP drops below 30%, it will begin to do a massive dmg attack that basically one shots anyone hit by it. Thus, all DPS should stop at 31%. Then, the tank and melee should spot the location of the healer/ranged DD and join them in the merry-go-round. Once the 5man merry-go-round has begun, the ranged DD needs to push the boss below 30%. While keeping an eye on the location of the observers, hug the outside to avoid the mega-aoe attack. This one shot mega-aoe attack happens every 60 seconds from the first one. Thus, the tank and melee need to run in after each attack and continue the DPS between each aoe attack.

Keep in mind that the observers will still move at their irregular speeds and there will be times when you must cut across through the boss to avoid suicide bombers pops at <30%HP stage. Time your movings so that you are not caught with your pants down in the aoe attack range. It should only require 2-3 aoe avoids to finish the boss from 30% to 0%.

To add to the fun, the boss can also do a red-circle ranged targeted attack much like Kaprima. It can be avoided the same way. However, it's sometimes better to just eat the damage rather than trying to avoid it and thereby causing an suicide bomber pop.

Main points of this boss:
  1. Do not allow a suicide bomber to pop. If you do, you're fucked.
  2. Melee DD's must trust the healer and hug the boss at all times. Never move away from the boss while above 30% boss HP
  3. Healer/Ranged DD must keep an eye on the observers at all times. When you are being sandwiched, cut across through the boss like a boss.
  4. Mega-death-aoe attacks comes every 60 seconds when the boss is below 30% HP, this must be timed and avoided.

Final Boss:

Once you enter the room, the tank should bring the mob to the 1 o'clock position. (Entrance = 6 o'clock) This does not mean you need to wall tank the mob. You just need to stay near the wall because of the 360 degree laser one shot pattern. This laser attack's range is about 30m so you need to tank mob here to be able to avoid it by going out of range. The tell for the 360 degree laser is, the boss will sit/crouch slightly then start gathering the light at its eyes. There is also a similar attack where the mob does NOT sit/crouch but still gathers the light while staring at the random target to be lasered. It is important to be able to tell these 2 moves apart.

When the boss reaches 80% HP, worms will start popping in the room. The worms must be killed asap or they will keep multiplying eventually wiping the party. The worms will re-spawn about every 90 seconds. Thus it is best to pause DPS at 81%, get in position for the worm zerg, push it, continue DPS on boss until next re-spawn time, and repeat. Note that the position of the boss must be at the 1 o'clock position during this phase otherwise the 360 laser could reach a worm location and one-shot DPS members attacking one of the worms. The other strategy is to tank the boss in the middle of the room and simply run around with the laser as needed while killing worms as they pop.

The laser attacks can be avoided by using evasive skills as well as timed movement skills if done at the right time. For the tank, simply step slightly to your right while facing the boss, wait for the laser to begin, then follow the laser as it goes around to avoid the hit.

80% to 35% is a repeat of avoiding lasers, zerging worms, and DPSing the boss.

At 35%, the boss spawns yet another add. This is accompanied by an on-screen message. This mob leaves damaging puddles on the floor which also causes a stun debuff that will infect/stun other party members as well. The add spawns on top of the boss, so the tank should keep moving a bit to avoid the add's puddle area every time an add spawns.

A good strategy is to hold DPS at 35.1~35.2 and clear worms first, then force it below 35% to maximize DPS for the push.

At 20%, the same adds will pop that leave a stun/dmg puddle on the ground, but they will now be mobile. It may be possible to kite these while the rest of the party concentrates on zerging the boss, but it's probably best that everyone just goes all out on the boss at this point. Constant cleanse will be needed to remove the stun effects off of everyone and cure bombs to keep the party alive for the final push.

When the boss reaches 10% HP, it's advised that you just zerg the boss and ignore the worms.

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