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Updated 9/4/2012 with more updated/accurate information.

Dungeon Layout:

Basic Premise:

There are 3 platforms each containing a core shard at the center, and a number of infected crystals at the outer edge of each platform. Your main task is to protect the core shard on each platform for a given time. The infected crystals will spawn mobs either at a timed interval or when the previous mob is killed. The spawned mobs will always have general aggro on the core shard of each platform. Points are given for monster kills, infected crystal breaks, jumping (see below), speed clears, and other bonus objectives.

Platform 1
Talk to the NPC here to receive the quest.

Platform 2 - Normal Mobs
When you enter this platform you will find 4 mobs attacking the core shard at the center of the room. These mobs do not actually do any damage to the shard. Killing the 4 mobs will start the trial. Before you start the trial, send 4 people to each outer crystal to bring them down to 5-10%. When everyone has done so, start the trial then destroy the 4 outer crystals.
(+1000 points for each crystal broken)

Now everyone will concentrate on killing the spawning mobs that attempt to destroy the central core shard. One of the mob types is a suicide bomber that will do a significant amount of damage to the core shard. This mob needs to be killed asap before it reaches the core shard.

Lancer: The lancer needs to stay near the core shard and should concentrate on killing the suicide bomber which does not have a lot of HP. The leash skill should be used when the spawned mobs are not being cleared fast enough and begin to spread out. The mobs' main agenda is to attack the core shard but their attention CAN be grabbed just like ToT mobs. Lancer needs to use aggro skills constantly.

After awhile, a pack of Thulsa's army mobs will spawn and charge at the core shard. Everyone (including the DD that was breaking the crystals) needs to fight against the pack of mobs now.

Tip: Every time a party member jumps, you will earn 10 points. If time allows, keep jumping for some extra points. lol...

Platform 3 - Normal Mobs and BAMs

This platform is a DPS/knockdown race. When you enter this platform, you will find 4 mobs attacking the central core shard again. Use the same tactic as before to bring the 3 outer crystals down to a low health, and start the trial.

1 medusa thing with a bunch of tentacles will pop which goes down easy. Now a small naga will pop. This will also go down easy. Then comes an eyeball mob and 3 teraliths that spawn at delayed intervals. The lancer should take the eyeball to the barrels and kill it using the barrels. The 3 DDs should concentrate on killing 1 teralith while the healer keeps sleeping/knocking down the 2nd teralith. (+100 points for each time you knock down a teralith) One of the DDs will also need to hold/knockdown the 3rd teralith when it spawns.

Tip: Lancer's new move Wallop has a huge (80%+) knockdown rate on the golems on this platform.

When the eyeball is dead, an ice giant will spawn. The ice giant has a very slow movement speed and will only go for the core shard. Zerg the ice giant down while using stun/slow moves.

Platform 4 - Boss: Barkud

The timer for the final platform does not start until you start running up the ramp into the platform. The party should charm up before entering the final platform. Lancer should grab Barkud's attention and bring it to an empty spot that does not have crystals or normal mobs. Beware of the jump attacks that can one shot non-tanks. The forward leaping attack should be stunned as it interrupts DPS severely. The time limit is 5 minutes. When Barkud reaches about 8% HP, he will start charging for the core shard and a dragon NPC will pop near the shard. You can either finish off Barkud yourself for extra points, or the dragon will do a breath attack on Barkud which puts a debuff on it that allows your party to kill it in 1 hit. Barkud can drop crystals, master scrolls, t13/t14 fodder, and the 6% attack speed necklace. Even if you don't kill Barkud in time, you won't fail the trial, but you miss out on the drops and the points. (Barkud kill: 50,000 points)

If you have good DPS, 1 DD can also attack the crystals which will give a buff to the party. This buff lasts 60 seconds, and can be stacked. However, you get bonus points for not destroying the crystals.

Bonus Objectives:
The following list of objectives will grant bonus points.

  • Kill a monster with a regular attack (1000 points)
  • Destroy an infected crystal (1000 points)
  • Jump! (10 points)
  • Keep the core shard at high HP
  • Knockdown teraliths on second platform
  • Kill monsters with the explosive barrels on the second platform
  • Kill Barkud without the dragon's assistance
  • Do not destroy infected crystals on last platform
  • Speed clears on each platform


Rewards Tiers:
Rank 5: 0~50,000 points: 2 silver talents
Rank 4: 50,000~100,000 points: 3 silver talents
Rank 3: 100,000~180,000 points: 4 silver talents / 1 gold talent / refined/mw alkahests / Thulsan Curio/Chain of Deceit/Ghost Knight Helm
Rank 2: 180,000~240,000 points: 5 silver talents / 1 gold talent / refined/mw alkahests /Thulsan Curio/Chain of Deceit/Ghost Knight Helm
Rank 1: 240,000+ points: 6 silver talents / 2 gold talents / refined/mw alkahests / Thulsan Curio/Chain of Deceit/Ghost Knight Helm

The rewards are sent to you via the post. The necklace/helm 'drop' is a chance, not 100%. The higher the reward tier, the greater the chance at receiving a better necklace or helm.


Go for rank 1!

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