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Video guide for normal mode:

Important Note 1: It wasn't really mentioned in the video, but the general tactic for the last fight is - Stop all DPS at about 31% boss HP, and DPS prepare for the zerg by popping consumables such as Nostrums and Scrolls. Then wait until the cannon time, cannon it (thus flipping it over) and start the zerg at that point.

Important Note 2: If the golem generator is destroyed, players are granted a 1 hour buff that mitigates 10% of lightning-based damage. This can be very helpful for the last boss of the dungeon.

Differences in Hard mode:

Kakun: Attacks and moves faster than normal difficulty. Stomach slam attack will be targeted on a random player. Also, the boss will randomly choose between 2 different sets of trees to climb up instead of 1. Lastly, the stone toss attack will be used more frequently.

Video of hard mode boss fight:

Lagreah (Green Kuma): Frequency of walking trees increases with time maxing out at once per 10 seconds. When below 30% HP, it will use a self-sleep skill that, when stacked 10 times, will heal the boss to 100% HP. This skill can be stunned.

Grig (Red Kuma): Unlike the normal mode, the ponds will also insta-kill the player when the electricity flows through it. The player must exit the pond at the right moment to kill the mini kumas without dying.

Glaciernus (Blue Kuma): Three fireball patterns are used.
1. Same as the normal mode - concentrated fireballs on 1 player
2. Fireball attack concentrated on the location of the blue kuma.
3. All statues fire a 3 beam pattern of fireballs that covers the entire arena
Video of hard mode boss fight:

Final Boss: DPS race starts at 35% instead of 30%.
Video of hard mode boss fight:
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Awesome guide!
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